Restoration Status

by Steve on October 20, 2022

Life’s demands have a way of changing our direction. Many of you are wondering “when will my canoe be finished” and rightly so. Canoe time has become a scarce commodity in my schedule. We used to have three guys in the shop now it’s down to me – when I can. My wife has a very successful business and we found ourselves short handed in a very busy (plus strange!) 2020. Labor got prioritized and since nobody paddles to work the canoe restorations suffered. We are now easing into our slow season so I will have more time and do my best to complete canoes.

Earlier this year I stopped accepting additional canoes for restoration. It simply didn’t make sense to take on more when I’m struggling to finish what I have on hand. The website will stay active to allow owners to follow progress and maybe when I reach the end of the pipeline I’ll reconsider the suspension but that will be a decision for a later time.

For anyone interested in a DIY project I have some inventory I acquired back when I couldn’t walk away from a “deal”.


1929 Carleton

by Steve on September 2, 2022

Big Red is finally done. There’s probably only 30% of the original in her rebirth.


Final Coat

January 25, 2022

Big Red got her final coat of marine enamel last week! We’re working on all the trim as the paint hardens.

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Tremblay Complete

March 14, 2020
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New Ribs for Fifty Pounder

March 14, 2020

Blood, sweat and steam. We had to take one stem out to replace several in the bow. The board in the bottom is temporarily fastened through keel screw holes to keep the bottom from bulging as the new ribs dry out and accept their shape. All canoes demand blood at some point!😉

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Seeing Green

January 28, 2020

Somehow we ended up with five in paint and all are green of one type or another. I’d like to meet the guy that wrote the law stating all canoes must be green.

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Merry Christmas 2019

December 24, 2019
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Merry Christmas

December 22, 2018

Merry Christmas from the canoe shop! May your holiday season be full of joy.

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November 13, 2018

We’ve been busy since the last post here and the IT guy has been over on social media ever since.  He finally figured out some of the integration issues and has added an Instagram feed over in the sidebar so you can catch up.  Tying WordPress, Facebook and Instagram all together seamlessly such that a […]

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Cover Shot

May 18, 2018

A few weeks ago we provided canoes and gear for a photo shoot. I haven’t seen the issue yet but here’s a grab of the cover.

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