16′ Prospector

Prospector:  $5,000 (in standard trim)

  • Length: 16′
  • Depth: 14″
  • Beam: 34″ at rails, 35 3/4″ at max (tumblehome)
  • Bow Height: 25″
  • Approximate Weight: 70 lbs

For those looking for the extra carrying capacity of the classic Canadian canoes we offer a refined version of the popular Prospector.  It has the characteristic semi-arched bottom along with moderate rocker desired in a river tripping canoe and 14″ of depth for exceptional load carrying capacity.  Designed to handle large loads in rough water it handles exceptionally well empty on flat water due to a fine entry which allows the hull shape to cut through the water.  The original Chestnut Prospector was Bill Mason’s favorite all-around canoe and featured in many of his paddling videos.

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