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In our search for solid road-worthy covers we came across a small California company called Danuu Paddle Gear.  The Danuu covers allow for compression via straps and tie loops plus are reinforced in all the right places.  Most other covers are simply bags with no means of controlling the excess material.  We loaded four covered canoes on our open trailer and 3,885 miles later we can absolutely recommend them!  The openings did let some road grime get in the canoes but even so they are a vast improvement over other covers (or uncovered).

We are now a dealer and usually have a few of the canoe covers in stock.  We can order any of their products and have them shipped straight to you!

Skipper: fits 11′ to 14’6″, measures 14’6″x76″   $195.00 plus shipping

Ranger: fits 14′ to 16’6″, measures 16’6″x76″   $215.00 plus shipping

Scout: fits 16′ to 18’6″, measures 18’6″x76″      $235.00 plus shipping



Short sleeve cotton in moss green: $20 each.


Long sleeve cotton in white: $30 each.


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