Guide Series


16′ Guide:  $5,000 (in standard trim)

  • Length: 16′
  • Depth: 13″
  • Beam: 33″
  • Bow Height: 21″
  • Approximate Weight: 68 lbs

18′ Guide:  $5,800 (in standard trim)

  • Length: 18′
  • Depth: 13″
  • Beam: 34″
  • Bow Height: 24″
  • Approximate Weight: 80 lbs

Our Guide canoes draw from the historic canoes by White and Old Town of the same name. The stem profile doesn’t have as much re-curve as the Cheemaun or the Old Town Guides, it’s more reminiscent of the profile EM White used. The sheer is also more White with a graceful fair curve from end to end without the more dramatic upturn in the ends some of the other builders used. It’s a classic look and minimizes the sail effect that tall ends can have in windy conditions. With a flatter bottom than either the Cheemaun or Prospector and slight rocker they make nice tripping boats but still track well on flat water.

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