Restoration Status

by Steve on October 20, 2022

Life’s demands have a way of changing our direction. Many of you are wondering “when will my canoe be finished” and rightly so. Canoe time has become a scarce commodity in my schedule. We used to have three guys in the shop now it’s down to me – when I can. My wife has a very successful business and we found ourselves short handed in a very busy (plus strange!) 2020. Labor got prioritized and since nobody paddles to work the canoe restorations suffered. We are now easing into our slow season so I will have more time and do my best to complete canoes.

Earlier this year I stopped accepting additional canoes for restoration. It simply didn’t make sense to take on more when I’m struggling to finish what I have on hand. The website will stay active to allow owners to follow progress and maybe when I reach the end of the pipeline I’ll reconsider the suspension but that will be a decision for a later time.

For anyone interested in a DIY project I have some inventory I acquired back when I couldn’t walk away from a “deal”.

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