Otca and More Otcas

by Steve on February 19, 2012

Over the weekend in between Granddad play, I finished replacing the bottom planking on the 1959 Otca and removed a few more ribs. Two steps forward, one back. I had to leave several damaged ribs in place to help define the shape of the hull, now that the midsection has been rebuilt I have to go back and replace the remaining bad ribs. This will happen in a more conventional manner: a few at a time in alternating positions with new ones bent over the outside of the hull, then installed inside and finally their remaining bad neighbors replaced. By doing this in stages you maintain the desired shape. Too many at one time or too close to each other and they will cause bulges.

While I was milling ribs I went ahead and ran a batch for a new Cheemaun but with all the old boats around who knows when they’ll get bent on the form!

I bought two more Otcas, both 18′ AA grade boats in decent shape. Old Town’s AA grade canoes were built with mahogany rails, seats, decks, and thwarts which really make for a beautiful boat! You typically don’t find too many AA boats but now I have three in the holding pattern. There’s going to be some fine canoes on the lakes this summer!

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