Sail Loft

by Steve on March 27, 2011

Our garage is a boat shop, dust in the house is a constant battle, and periodically even the dining room gets pressed into service as a sail loft. I decided to make some bags for the pram as a finishing touch so I broke out Mom’s old 1960 JC Penny machine.

Sail loft for Ambrose Boats

Laying out the material

Old sailor out of practice

Watch the fingers!

Sail bag, oar bag, and board bag

All dressed out and ready to load

It’s been a while since I used the old machine and I don’t remember threading the needle being as tough as it is these days. Hard to see that little hole when you have to keep your eyeball at arm’s length to focus. Now before you launch into the metrosexual jokes, I’m a sailor from way back. Sailors know how to sew and they know how to fix things – you have to be somewhat self-reliant when you venture out to sea! You can’t just call the man, you are the man.

Apparently cutting hair isn’t one of the required talents.

Off to return the sail loft to dining room configuration. My wife surely loves me, it’s been 12 years today and she still puts up with me and smiles when I do stuff like this.

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