Revisiting the 1959 Otca

by Steve on January 1, 2012

It’s been quite a while since I’ve posted anything on this one.  It’s been in the back of the shop and my mind ever since I skinned it and uncovered its secrets. In addition to the typical rotted tips this one suffered a major accident resulting in a rebuilt midsection. Unfortunately several of the ribs that were replaced caused the hull to bulge. Several ribs were forced into the boat with such energy they buckled and took planking with them. Normally when you have a series of cracked or broken ribs you replace them in stages, removing every other one, setting new ones in between, then go back and replace the ones you left to define the hull’s shape. In this case I had to remove the all the ribs that were causing the bulges so I can gradually redefine the boat’s shape.

Otca deck detail

Sheer planks and decks removed


1959 16' Otca

Sheer planks and decks removed


1959 Otca
Deck tips will get spliced and epoxied then refinished
1959 Otca
Removal of the bad

As I warned the owner, it will get worse before it gets better! The decks are salvagable – new tips will get spliced on. Same with the stems and inwales. Since these are critical components that define the structure of the canoe they will get done before I do much more removal of bad wood. Then I’ll get to work restoring her lines in the mid-section where the previous damage occurred.

Rib detail
One of the replacement ribs from previous repair
Planking detail
The resulting bulge from the rib that was forced into position

Hard to have fine lines when you have this kind of stuff going on.

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