by Steve on November 10, 2011

In addition to the already planned departures and arrivals there are a few special acquistions in the holding pattern waiting for sponsors: 1929 18′ Old Town Otca CS grade ca 1915 18′ B.N. Morris with long decks ca 1910 18′ B.N. Morris I’ll have a better idea of what they need once I lay hands on them. The long deck Morris has already been recanvased and doesn’t need much more work to be a useable canoe if you don’t mind a painted interior. Taking it down to bare wood for varnishing would involve stripping with nasty chemicals which in turn would ruin the new canvas requiring replacing it as well. The older Morris is a basket case but it is a Morris and an early one at that so it’s worth saving. Let me know if you have any interest in one of these.

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