by Steve on February 17, 2014

Well, not really 😉  If you’ve been following along and paying attention to the cluttered background in the posted images, you know that the hangar is standing room only. My friend’s addiction to the big boats has solved the question of “what will we ever do with all this space?”  Several months ago an opportunity came up for some space in another building that will give us a dedicated separate wood shop, all the storage we need (plus some), and room to erect a varnish/paint booth. I was skeptical when the contractor said it would be ready in a few weeks but went ahead and moved idle canoes into storage units to free up space.

This weekend we made the third monthly payment on the storage units and cleared the woodshop off the back wall of the hangar to make room for a contractor to start an addition off the back of the hangar.  It’s only going to take a week or two…

Many of you are patiently waiting on canoes or even updates showing your canoe in progress. Our current situation has production in a shambles and several canoes that we should have started by now are tucked away waiting on space to spread out.  This year’s WCHA Assembly (July 15-20, Paul Smiths NY) features “modern classics” or canoes by current builders.  We have several projects to get ready for Assembly plus some northern boats that need to migrate back on the trip.  And we’re quickly running out of February.  This is not the ideal time to be dealing with a move or anything that impedes progress!

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