by Steve on February 17, 2011

There’s nothing like the thrill of drilling holes in a boat you’ve spent months agonizing over! The interior is finished with four coats of Alexseal Yacht Coatings “Oyster White” and I installed the oarlocks properly sealed with marine bedding compound.

Not to worry CC, the excess goop gets cleaned off!

I’m pre-installing the exterior hardware and then removing it so I won’t risk damaging the exterior finish coat. The skid bars and keel are getting added protection in the form of brass stem band material. A beer to calm the nerves and steady the drill 😉

Almost time to break out the chemistry set and respirator to mix up some Majestic Blue. When the tech rep at Alexseal heard I was using their coatings on an 8′ pram he asked if I’d send pictures when it was done. Their high tech materials usually end up on something a tad larger!

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