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by Steve on September 1, 2010

The September issue of Lake Martin Living is out and the work of yours truly is at the fold and also on the cover! A heartfelt thanks to John Denney for his wonderful work with the camera, Brent Holman for a great job of condensing a complex process into a few pages, and editor Kristy Steele for taking such a deep interest in what I do. It’s a humbling experience to see one’s work in full-color print.

I do owe Brent an apology though. In the span of maybe an hour and a half we discussed building a form, building new canoes and various methods of repairing old canoes. Somewhere I led him astray. I think we were talking about bending ribs over the metal bands on the form and then wandered on to the subject of overall durability of wood canvas construction. Toward the end of the article Brent writes about metal bands being attached to the hull before it gets canvased. The only metal bands used in building these canoes (other than the brass stem bands) are the ones permanently attached to the form that serve to clinch the tacks. A new canoe gets built over the form – ribs used to repair an existing hull get bent around the outside of that same hull and then pushed into place inside the hull. The confusion was my fault for bouncing back and forth! The durability of a wood canvas canoe is a function of its flexibility not from any hidden metal. I hope everyone enjoys the article and again, a big thank-you to Lake Martin Living for showcasing my work!

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Frances September 2, 2010 at 7:40 am

I wished he had asked you to edit the article before print. You are a good sport! Great accomplishment and congratulations Steve. I enjoyed it!!!

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