Ash Paddles

by Steve on August 21, 2011

I’ll be headed north in a few weeks and will be picking up some solid ash paddles, made in Maine. None of that mass-produced laminated trash you see in the big box stores. These are the kind of paddles you hand down to your kids once they’re old enough to understand the difference between a paddle and a shovel. If you want a couple drop me a line and I’ll add to the order. $80 each or $150 per pair, available in lengths from 54″ – 72″ in 3″ increments. Measure from the floor up to your face and find the paddle length somewhere between your chin and nose, slightly shorter if you’re always in the bow or haven’t been doing your arm workout.

Classic beavertail with a 7″ wide blade or the slimmer ottertail with a 5-3/4″ blade and a Maine Guide grip.

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