1960 Old Town 50lb

by Steve on March 15, 2011

This 50 Pound (Old Town’s model name for the light weight 15′ boat) was rescued from an antique shop but not before someone slobbered resin inside and out. She’s pretty from a distance but the resin is covering some problems that would have been easy to repair properly. She’ll be returned to proper floating status but for now she goes on the rack to wait her turn.

Great patina inside

Example of puddled resin

Latex caulk with colored resin on top

Latex exposed

I’m sure the person who worked on her had good intentions, just the wrong materials. Shame of it is she’s still a solid little boat with no rot in the ends. All she needed was a new canvas. Thankfully they applied the resin over the top of the old canvas instead of stripping it first.  That’ll make the outside relatively simple to remove.

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