1959 Old Town Otca

by Steve on March 15, 2011

It was raining buckets last night so instead of applying more stripper to the Cedar River Cheemaun that needs a bit more chemical assistance shedding the last of her varnish, I skinned the 1959 Otca to get a better idea of what problems this one has in store for me. The owner told me he knew a few ribs had been replaced by the previous owner who also mentioned something about an accident in her past. The CSI team didn’t need to look too hard once the skin came off: fifteen ribs and a good bit of the midships planking had been replaced. She got crunched pretty good. The rot in the ends wasn’t a surprise but the steel tacks holding the canvas didn’t want to let go for all the rust that had them locked in the cedar. With all that got replaced years ago concentrated in the middle of the boat, she has some lumps and bumps. Most of that can be corrected but she’s not a young thing anymore.

Skinned and revealed

Extra holes in old planking show where ribs were replaced

Bulge caused by a broken rib

Not much left of the stems, rusting steel tacks didn't help

Typical rot in the ends

Now I know what I’m up against and have a better feel for the material needed. Back to the rack while I finish some others. It’s a bit crowded around here!

Canoe shop, the boat shop's in the other bay

Top left – 1960 50 lb, bottom left – my first Cheemaun, center left – 1959 Otca, center right – 1937 Guide, far right – Cedar River Cheemaun from 1980’s? The Guide just needs a good sanding and a finish coat to correct some issues with what I thought was the finish coat and then she’s off to Lake Martin. The Cedar River boat needs a little more prep, then varnish, a new canvas, and new rails. If anyone knows of a grant to be had for a shop drop me a line 😉

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